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About us

Zlatara Petrović was founded in 1975 by Djordje P. Petrović who opened the first store in the pedestrian passage below the Albania Tower in the commercial district, downtown Belgrade .

Given the long-lasting family tradition, Djordje passed the love for the trade to his son Marko. Marko had, besides learning the trade, earned a BS degree from the Mechanical Faculty of University of Belgrade and a goldsmith degree from the Polytechnic Academy.

In 2005. Marko took over the business. In 2007. the Ministry and Economy and Regional Development issued the Certificate that the store fabricates unique precious metal jewelry.

Today Zlatara Petrović is one of the few jewelry stores in Serbia that holds the Certificate of Old Arts and Crafts. We try hard to stick to the traditional manual fabrication of jewelry. You can bring us a drawing, sketch or a photograph of any piece of jewelry and we can reproduce it for you. Besides, you can find in our store the contemporary and modern design jewelry into which we can insert a stone as per your desires.

Tradition, quality and superb jewelry fabrication, neatly packed jewelry and cordial smile are just some of the reasons why you should pay us a visit. Our small family store is here to make your happiest and most meaningful moments in life happier and better!